In colloquial terms, a Persona is nothing but a representation of your target audience. The term itself was coined to depict said audience amalgamated into a singular entity. When it comes to UI/UX design, the process of developing User Personas is the final and probably most important aspect of our user research.

Our User personas comprise of a concise 1 to 2 page analysis that identifies demographics, user behaviour and insights alongside navigational/ computational skills and goal of product usage. We may include relevant personal details to add a touch of realism to our personas (we ensure that such details are hypothetical and impartial).

We compile extensive user research to ensure that the final product is utilized by the end-user over existing competitor models. We rely on our User Personas to define our end-users into one category. Thus, we don’t ‘tag’ or ‘sort’ our research data multiple times.

We aim to understand our audience through the User Persona so that we can deliver a product that is in line with end user expectations.